Volume 16 | Special Issue 4 | Management Nexus: Integrating Strategies Across Disciplines

Guest Editors: Dr.B.R.Kumar, Dr. K. Bhavana Raj


Distinctive Stakeholders' Attitudes towards FinTech Supported by AI Technology

Janjanam Venkatavaraprasad, Subbalakshmi A.V.V.S

HRM in the Age of Megatrends: Adapting to Disruption and Change

Ali M. Almashyakhi

Assessment of Job Stress and Its Impact on Work-Life Balance and Professional Commitment - A Case Study

Sirisha Charugulla, Ravi Kumar Bommisetti

The CAPM and Beyond: A Review of Capital Asset Pricing Models

Dr. Phani Kumar Katuri, Lakshmi Patibandla

“Empowering Financial Inclusion: Government Schemes and Fintech Innovations”

H. Kanaka Durga, Ravi Kumar Bommisetti, Ranajee Ranajee, Samadhi Dilli, D. Dnyanesh Patalu Bandgar, BVSS Subbarao

A Study On: "Digital Marketing Under The Microscope: A Critical Assessment"

Dr.Janardhana Rao Nidamaluri, Dr. P. Ramalinga Prasad, Dr. B.R.Kumar, Punit Pathak, Jagadish Tulimelli, Syed Rizwan Naqvi

Framework for examining the influence of social media content on consumer engagement in the digital marketing landscape

Ravi Prakash Kodumagulla, Manjula Srinivas, Ravi Kumar Bommisetti, K.Suguna, Dhanalakshmi K, P Balaji

An Exploratory Study On "Ai-Powered Client Relationship Administration: An In-Depth Survey And Roadmap For Future Investigations"

Dr. T. Suresh, Dr. A. Madhuri, Dr. M. Shireesha, Dr. B. R. Kumar, Dr. K.P.R. Rajesh

Empirical Research on the Role of Artificial Intelligence Services in Marketing of Sales goals in E-commerce Industry

Sanjay Kumar Rai, Surender Kumar

A Study On Equity Analysis In Selected NSE Mutual Funds

Dr.Ch. Varalakshmi, Dr. A. Madhuri, Dr. B. R. Kumar

Cease of Rs. 2000 Notes from Circulation - An Innovative Practice towards Sustainable Currency Management

Dr. A.V.V.S Subbalakshmi, Srinivas R, Anjana K

Unravelling the Linkage Between Human Resource Accounting and Organizational Performance: An Extensive Review

Dr. M. Shireesha, Dr. A. Madhuri, Dr. T. Suresh, Dr. B. R. Kumar, Dr. K.P.R. Rajesh

The Effects Of Pricing Strategies On Consumers’ Behavioural Pattern And Purchase Decisions

Srinivas R , Anjana K , Dr. A.V.V.S. Subbalakshmi, Yuva Priya M

Assessing The Perceptions Of Young Adults Regarding Equity Investment: A Study In Guntur And Krishna Districts

Dr. A. Madhuri, Dr. Ch. Varalakshmi, Dr. B. R. Kumar

Progress and Performance of Retail Industry -India Dr. R. Emmaniel, Ravi Varma Golla

Dr. R. Emmaniel, Ravi Varma Golla

Type: Journal

Language: English

Publisher: ya tai jing ji bian ji bu

ISSN: 1000-6052